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Kanagawa Prefectural Ichigao Senior High School

Ichigao Senior High School@@@@@

225|0024@1854@Ichigao-Cho, Aobaku, Yokohama-City Tel(045)971-2041

@Educational aims

  1. To nurture students of sound mind and body, while cultivating independent character and physical fitness.
  2. To nurture students who are highly motivated and responsible, and to cultivate within them a spirit of purity and fortitude.
  3. To nurture students who have a love of both education and the arts, who posses a high cultural awareness and aesthetic sensitivity.
  4. To nurture a spirit of cooperation, love and respect, and to cultivate healthy judgement with a true understanding of society.
  5. To nurture students with the capacity to choose the best way forward for themselves, who value the importance of individuality and who strive to further develop their abilities.

@Ichigao Senior High School

@School aims

  • To improve the support for the realisation of students educational dreams.
  • To develop dynamic events which utilise student individualism.
  • To promote the building of a safe and healthy environment.
  • To deepen the relationship with the community and to further the idea of Ichigao as a dependable link with that community.

@Ichigao Senior High School


Ichigao High School aims to present lessons in a simple, clear manner that helps to develop each students' individuality.

Ichigao does not offer rigid courses covering only arts or science, final year students here are free to choose the best class for their future career plans from a variety of different subjects.

First and second years are taught a balanced curriculum balanced around culture, science and the arts. However, final year students are allowed to choose around half the subjects so that they can tailor there learning to be anything from career centred to based around their own tastes and interests.

There are also volunteer classes held after school and in the holidays for those students wishing to further their study.

Ichigao High school is also known for its wealth of clubs and committees.

The main school events are the welcome party in April, the School trip in May, the white crane festival in September (a combination of the schools' cultural and sports festivals). Apart from this there are an abundance of other events such as ball game contests, Art contests and the graduation ceremony.

Whatever the event, it is student committee and the students themselves who are the heart of both planning and execution.

Ichigao's Clubs and committees
Cultural Clubs Sports clubs Committees
Choir Swimming
Band Baseball Classroom
Calligraphy Athletic Travel
Art Judo Health
Flower arranging Soccer Library
Tradition Baton Broadcasting
Tea serving Dance Voting
Nature Softball Ball game contest
Drama Basketball Volunteer
Art and Literature Badminton Physical Education
Poetry Tennis Cultural festival
Cookery Soft tennis Classroom planning
Photography Table tennis Graduation ceremony
Manga Welcome party
Japanese chess
Folk song